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First things first, however: Who is Scott Oden?


Scott is the author of four novels, two historical fiction (Men of Bronze and Memnon) and two fantasy with a strong historical bent (The Lion of Cairo and A Gathering of Ravens), a couple of short stories, and a few non-fiction articles and introductions (notably, the introduction to Del Rey’s Robert E. Howard collection, Sword Woman and Other Historical Adventures). He has been an avid tabletop roleplaying gamer since 1979, beginning with Holmes-edition D&D. Scott was born in Columbus, Indiana, but was raised in rural North Alabama, near Huntsville. He currently splits his time between his home in Alabama, a Hobbit hole in Middle-earth, and some sketchy tavern in the Hyborian Age.

“As an adolescent with aspirations to write, my first literary hero was J.R.R. Tolkien. I read and re-read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and in those pages I developed an odd love that has followed me into adulthood: Orcs. The chapters where Merry and Pippin were in the clutches of a band of Uruk-hai, or where Frodo and Sam dealt with the lads of Cirith Ungol, became my favorites. The circle of authors who influenced my writing grew to include Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, Fritz Leiber, Harold Lamb, Karl Edward Wagner, and Mary Renault.” — Scott Oden


Scott’s first novel, Men of Bronze, was published in 2005; Memnon followed in 2006 and The Lion of Cairo in 2010.  After a seven year hiatus from writing, Scott returned to bookstore shelves in June of 2017 with his critically-acclaimed “Orc novel”, A Gathering of Ravens — the first in a projected trilogy of stand-alone novels featuring the savage Grimnir. As of this writing, Scott is working on the next book, tentatively called Twilight of the Gods.



What Critics are Saying:


Men of Broze 10Yr“Oden’s masterful story of bloody battles, political intrigues, betrayal and romance offers a gripping portrait of the collapse of an empire.” — Publisher’s Weekly (starred review) on Men of Bronze.



“Oden…brings the man and his times to life with a combination of vivid conjecture, deft plotting and graceful prose.” — Publishers Weekly on Memnon


lion-of-cairo-uk“The mark of exceptional historical fiction is its creation of an alien world so convincing (and peopled by such fascinating characters) that the reader never wants to go back to the real world. Scott Oden delivers exactly that in The Lion of Cairo, a tale of Assad the assassin that reads like a cross between the Arabian Nights and a Hollywood blockbuster. Memnon and Men of Bronze put Mr. Oden squarely on the hist/fiction map. The Lion of Cairo assures his place in the very front rank.” — Steven Pressfield, New York Times bestselling author of Gates of Fire.


AGoR Cover“This fast-paced thrill ride might have been bleak or unsettling, but it’s rendered so lovingly that it reveals new layers of familiar territory. The fresh viewpoint is steeped in an appreciation for the terrifying and powerful characters of high fantasy, and Oden does them justice. He provides a satisfying saga that’s as complex as an old tree’s roots, and a pleasure to read.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review) on A Gathering of Ravens.


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