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Welcome to THE EYE OF ODEN, the web-home of historical fiction and fantasy novelist Scott Oden!  Here, you’ll find all manner of things: a page where you can sign up for his Newsletter; a link to Oden’s blog, Skalded Tongues, which focuses on the vicissitudes of the writing life, and on the lore and background for his upcoming novel, A Gathering of Ravens; a page devoted to Oden’s previous books, and a Gallery featuring fan-and-pro art from A Gathering of Ravens (and some of Oden’s favorite Orc pictures).  So come in, throw off your cloak, and have a seat by the fire!

Who is Scott Oden?

Scott Oden 1Good question.  Oden is the author of four novels, two historical fiction (Men of Bronze and Memnon) and two fantasy with a strong historical bent (The Lion of Cairo and A Gathering of Ravens), a couple of short stories, and a few non-fiction articles and introductions (notably, the introduction to Del Rey’s Robert E. Howard collection, Sword Woman and Other Historical Adventures).  Oden is a sad victim of Golden-Age Thinking and would rather live as an expatriate writer in 1920’s Paris . . .


Interviews with Scott Oden:

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