Welcome to THE EYE OF ODEN, the web-home of historical fiction and fantasy novelist Scott Oden!  Here, you’ll find all manner of things: a link to Oden’s blog, Skalded Tongues, which focuses on the vicissitudes of the writing life, and on the lore and background for his newest novel, A Gathering of Ravens; a page devoted to Oden’s previous Books, and a Gallery featuring fan-and-pro art from A Gathering of Ravens (and some of Oden’s favorite Orc pictures).  So come in, throw off your cloak, and have a seat by the fire!

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Praise for A Gathering of Ravens:

“This fast-paced thrill ride might have been bleak or unsettling, but it’s rendered so lovingly that it reveals new layers of familiar territory. The fresh viewpoint is steeped in an appreciation for the terrifying and powerful characters of high fantasy, and Oden does them justice. He provides a satisfying saga that’s as complex as an old tree’s roots, and a pleasure to read.” ―Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“I thoroughly enjoyed A Gathering of Ravens. It’s a magnificent mytho-historical saga, blending the history of 11th century Europe with Norse and Celtic mythology. A dark, grim and unrelentingly bloody tale of the last Orc and his quest for vengeance. Highly recommended.” — John Gwynne, author of Wrath (Book Four of The Faithful and the Fallen).

“Scott Oden’s A Gathering of Ravens is everything that a Grimdark novel should be, sharp witted, dark and dangerous. Highly recommended for anyone who loves action, good characters and, you know, an amazing story. I loved it!” — James A. Moore author of the Seven Forges series and The Last Sacrifice.

“Set in a vividly-imagined world where history and myth blur, Scott Oden’s gripping and bloody tale of monsters and men carves out a fantastic new legend for this modern age.” — James Wilde, author of the Hereward series and the forthcoming pre-Arthurian epic Pendragon.

“A grand, dark, historical fantasy/adventure, full of blood and steel and battle, Scott Oden’s A Gathering of Ravens is not to be missed. More The Broken Sword than Lord of the Rings, this is Norse Fantasy with a Vengeance. Grab your axe and line up for the shield wall, and Odin count the dead.” — Charles R. Rutledge, co-author of Blind Shadows and Congregations of the Dead.

“An amazing work of fantasy with a very real touch of both humanity and the weight of history. While reading it, I lost many hours of sleep because I didn’t want to put the book down. Oden has populated his strange world with witches, monsters, Vikings, warriors, cowards, and everything in between. It’s safe to say he’s gained another fan after writing this book!” — Charnel House Reviews.

“Scott Oden has done it! It’s all about the characters. Do not judge Grimnir too fast; he’s written like someone writes about a multilayered human. It gives me goosebumps sometimes to read something this good that is inspired by something I composed.” – Simon Kölle, International Film Composer and the founder of Za Frûmi.

“Scott Oden has done a marvelous job of weaving his tale of myths, legends and history into a tale that feels like an ancient chronicle a fable for warriors, remembering their history, recounting the glory of the old gods in the face of the new one. . . this really is a book not to miss.” — Parmenion Books.

Who is Scott Oden?

scott-oden-author-photo-3Good question.  Oden is the author of four novels, two historical fiction (Men of Bronze and Memnon) and two fantasy with a strong historical bent (The Lion of Cairo and A Gathering of Ravens), a couple of short stories, and a few non-fiction articles and introductions (notably, the introduction to Del Rey’s Robert E. Howard collection, Sword Woman and Other Historical Adventures).  Oden is a sad victim of Golden-Age Thinking and would rather live as an expatriate writer in 1920’s Paris . . .

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