“Stay on target . . . stay on target!”

Below is a graphic representation of my brain as of this morning: All the ideas and words are lining up to take their turn in the trench. Their goal is a small exhaust port the size of a wombat or a womp rat or something like that. Anyway, it's small. It's official designation is "THE... Continue Reading →

In the Shadow of Obscurity

The struggle for any writer published these days -- whether traditional or indie -- is the simple act of getting your work recognized by readers. Writing is Art; Publishing is Business, and that business hinges on getting as many eyes-on as we possibly can. Views mean sales. Buzz means sales. A groundswell of interest means... Continue Reading →

A Night in the Lonesome Orctober

(With apologies to Roger Zelazny) With Orctober drawing to a close, my mind invariably returns to the things I need to finish, the things I need to begin, and the things I need to give more space for planning. Someone asked me, just the other day, if I had any idea what would happen to... Continue Reading →

A Little Housekeeping

So, the Tales for Sale drive has gone very well, thus far. Well enough that I'm re-thinking some of my options for future stories -- like a series of novellas wrapping up the story-lines from The Lion of Cairo. As of 2:08 PM CST, ALL ORDERS HAVE BEEN DELIVERED. I've sent them off to the... Continue Reading →

Tales for Sale!

I have a couple of stories laying around that no one save a handful of beta readers have ever read (and one that was part of a collaborative novel, a few years back). Rather than try to submit them places and harvest rejections, I've decided to throw my hat into the self-publishing ring! My goal,... Continue Reading →

Orctober: The Psychology of Grimnir

One of the most common pitfalls when writing non-human characters, such as orcs, is the tendency to make them little more than humans in orc suits.  Actors in costume.  CGI’d monsters who do nothing different from their human counterparts.  Now, part of this comes down to readability.  Readers must have some common ground with your... Continue Reading →

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