Acre, at the close of the 13th century. The last remaining Crusader stronghold, where the ideals of a Kingdom of Heaven — forged by saints and zealots nearly two hundred years ago — now hang by the slenderest of threads. It is a city menaced by Saracen warlords; a city coveted by the Mameluke Sultan of Egypt. It is a city of infidels and sinners, lepers and thieves, seemingly forsaken by God, himself.

Into this bloody crucible comes Tancred of Antioch, a battle-scarred giant of a man known to friend and foe alike as the White Lion. In the streets of Acre, he plies his trade as a sword-for-hire, a merchant of death, always keeping his true allegiances cloaked in mystery. But, when his friend, the gentle and learned apothecary Jawan Khandaq, is murdered and killers alight upon him, as well, the White Lion goes on the hunt.

Now, from the alleys of the Venetian Quarter to the crypts of the Leper King, Tancred of Antioch will reap a bloody harvest among his enemies. And those who seek to chain him, to exploit him, to kill him will learn the truth at the point of his sword: Tancred of Antioch, the White Lion, is not a man to be trifled with.

In The White Lion, Scott Oden does what he does best — he channels the spirit of Robert E. Howard into a tale of treachery and double-cross; a tale set against the last days of the Crusades!

“Oden’s action scenes are rich with crackling vitality and his pacing is top-notch. One of the best adventure writers working today.” — Howard Andrew Jones, author of The Ringsworn Trilogy.

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Sometimes, the monster is just a man . . .

Painted as the savage man-eating Cyclops in Homer’s masterwork, The Odyssey, Polyphemus comes to life in Scott Oden’s epic tale of duty and obligation.  A giant, one-eyed foreigner living on the fringes of Aeolia in Sicily, Polyphemus shuns his neighbors; he scavenges from shipwrecks along the rocky coast, robbing the dead and leaving their bodies to the sea’s embrace — a monstrous breach of the ancient laws of hospitality.

But, when he is himself robbed and blinded by brutal Achaeans journeying home from the War at Troy, Polyphemus is quick to seek justice from those same neighbors.  Making his way to the Court of the Winds, where the King of Aeolia holds sway, he befriends a fisherman’s son, young Glaukos son of Lykaon.  Together, they seek to answer the question: can a self-professed monster, an outsider who flaunts the Gods and their laws of hospitality, find justice at the Court of the Winds?

Xenia in the Court of the Winds is a mesmerizing descent into the customs and traditions of the ancient Greeks; a beautifully rendered tale where heroes and villains aren’t always what they seem.

“The mark of exceptional historical fiction is its creation of an alien world so convincing (and peopled by such fascinating characters) that the reader never wants to go back to the real world. Scott Oden delivers exactly that.”―Steven Pressfield, New York Times bestselling author of Gates of Fire

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“One moment the snow-mantled clearing lay empty; the next, a figure slunk from between night-darkened pines.  No sound preceded him, nor was any creature stirred by his sudden appearance — not the squirrel in its dray, the fox in its burrow, or the bird in its nest.  Under low scudding clouds the color of ash, this newcomer crept into the open as silent as Death.

“There was something eerie about the way he moved, scrithing along like a monster of legend.  And if there had been any to witness the figure’s passage, they would have beheld a monster, in truth; a creature of the Elder world: one of the skrælingar, kinsman to the dvergar and cousin to the troll — bandy-legged and long of arm, knotty with muscle and sinew; coarse skin the color of old shale bore a veneer of scars and tattoos.  Under a veil of stringy black hair, woven throughout with discs of bone, beads of scrimshaw, silver, amber, and gold, eyes red as forge-gledes glared at the overcast sky.” — Beasts of Waste and Desolation.

Journey back in time for this tale from Grimnir’s wandering days, when the world was young and the sorcery of the Elder Days still clung to root and hollow.  The perfect entry-point for readers new to The Grimnir Saga.  And, as an added bonus, the first two chapters of The Doom of Odin are included!

With the looming publication of The Doom of Odin, I have removed Grimnir: Beasts of Waste and Desolation from sale. In the future, I hope to sell it to a magazine or webzine as a reprint.

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