And HERE’S How You Get the Demons to Work Together . . .

After yesterday’s post, which was more about mental health than it was about making art, let me show you a bit of the flip side of demon-haunted Scott.  It’s the Scott that brought Grimnir to life; the angry Scott.  The rage-born Scott. The Ezekiel 25:17 Scott . . . A short time after posting, yesterday,... Continue Reading →

The Subtle Art of Getting Out of my Own Way

We’ve all heard it said before, in one fashion or another; some iteration of “that boy is his own worst enemy!”  And we know what that idiom is referring to: that particular brand of artist/writer/what-have-you who either self-sabotages themselves into failure, or else succeeds in spite of, rather than because of, themselves. Friends, that is... Continue Reading →

The Eldritch and the Weird

My post on HBO’s Rome being the pinnacle of filmed S&S generated a bit of conversation in online spaces.  One question I had is this: what draws you, Gentle Reader, to S&S?  Is it the action?  The eldritch sorcery?  The vibe?  The world-building?  Or is it all the above?  I ask this because, while the... Continue Reading →

The Truth, Inasmuch As I Know It . . .

Maudlin over the passing of the great Ray Stevenson (who starred in a host of movies and such, but will forever be legionary Titus Pullo from HBO’s Rome, in my eyes), I got to thinking.  And thinking led me to discover a truth about myself, about my relationship with fantasy fiction in general and sword-and-sorcery... Continue Reading →

Dreams and Things

You've seen The Godfather III, right? There's a scene where an aging Michael Corleone is lamenting the fact he can't seem to escape his criminal past. "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!" Yeah, I feel this. So there I am, sleeping, minding my own business, when suddenly my subconscious... Continue Reading →

Fortune Favors . . .?

I wrote these words six years ago: It hurts my heart, sometimes, when I read over the advice people give to those who aspire to write. "The pay is horrible; the odds are long. You'll more than likely die in poverty, an unheard-of artist in your rotting garret. Best to get a real job and... Continue Reading →

And The Winner Is . . .

Had a long chat with my agent, yesterday, and decided upon my post-Shevatas novel. It has a working title, but I'm not going to share it at the moment. The project exists as a brief synopsis and several pages of notes. And, it's not one of the projects I've mentioned in the past. In fact,... Continue Reading →

A Wheel, A Song, A Book . . .

In a moment of self-reflection, I wondered if one thing that keeps me from reaching my fullest potential as a writer of fantasy is my stubborn refusal to write a series. Writing three books in sequence gave me enough of a hassle; I can't imagine writing five, or six, or ten. But, expansive and immersive... Continue Reading →

Can You Imagine . . .?

Can you imagine how odd the world might be, now, if back in the early 00s Robert Jordan's wife had made a different call? What if she'd called a new writer from Alabama rather than a new writer from Utah to talk about completing her husband's legacy, the Wheel of Time? Sounds far-fetched, doesn't it?... Continue Reading →

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