AAAAAND . . . Done.

Finished up THE DOOM OF ODIN in the wee hours of 30 January 2023. Two years of work; two false starts. A pandemic where I was "essential" . . . and 117K words later, a book is born. I'm at the stage where I can't tell if it's a work of genius or a steaming... Continue Reading →

Christmas Eve Update

"Are you done yet?" I am not. BUT, I've written approximately 30,000 words since Nov. 29. I've finally struck upon a system of writing/composing that works for me (for now). And, the first 14 chapters are with beta readers while I put the finishing touches on the last 6. Will I hit my deadline of... Continue Reading →

In the Shadow of Obscurity

The struggle for any writer published these days -- whether traditional or indie -- is the simple act of getting your work recognized by readers. Writing is Art; Publishing is Business, and that business hinges on getting as many eyes-on as we possibly can. Views mean sales. Buzz means sales. A groundswell of interest means... Continue Reading →

Orctober: The Psychology of Grimnir

One of the most common pitfalls when writing non-human characters, such as orcs, is the tendency to make them little more than humans in orc suits.  Actors in costume.  CGI’d monsters who do nothing different from their human counterparts.  Now, part of this comes down to readability.  Readers must have some common ground with your... Continue Reading →

Between Disbelief and Acceptance

It's no secret: historical stories are labor-intensive. Beyond the needs of the actual composition -- word choice, sentence structure, voice, tense, and so on -- much hinges on the details the writer chooses to reveal. Fantasy works on a practice called suspension of disbelief, the social contract between author and reader wherein the latter suspends... Continue Reading →

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