Book Sales, a PSA

We’re two days out, D-Day minus 2, and I thought I’d drop in with a bit of a public service announcement regarding book sales.  First, a giant THANK YOU to everyone who has, or will, pre-ordered the book!  Such interest is often used as a gauge for how well the book will do (sales prognostication is akin to astrology or the reading of entrails — wrong as often as it’s right).  Second, sales for the first week after release day are critical.  CRITICAL!  So if you’re planning to buy a copy, please try to nab it in that first week.  Of course, I won’t curse at you if you wait, but to make sure my career has legs I really need to hit this out of the park.  And for that I need you, Gentle Readers.  Buy it, read it, talk about it, leave Amazon reviews for it, leave Goodreads reviews, foist it upon unsuspecting book shop patrons, that sort of thing.  Remember: Harry Potter was but a small book with a small print run until word-of-mouth spread.  You can make or break a book.  If I had my ‘druthers, I’druther A Gathering of Ravens be made . . .

So, thanks!  And with your help, maybe the Ravens will soar!


A Gathering of Ravens in the wild!

The 2017 British Blog Tour

Thanks to my intrepid UK publicist, Thomas Hill; my editor, Simon Taylor, and my UK publisher, Transworld, A Gathering of Ravens is poised to embark upon a long and arduous blog tour starting the 26th of June.  These will be reviews from the bloggers, with me popping in to comment threads to do that voodoo I do.  The great thing about living in the Digital Age is, while they might be largely British-based blogs, anyone can visit them.  So come along with me, Gentle Readers, and see what they think about Ravens on the other side of the pond!

Here’s the schedule:

blog tour schedule

Bring the Thunder

Have you ever heard of Thunderclap, Gentle Readers?  It’s similar to crowdfunding, but rather than raising money for a Thing, it raises visibility.  It’s crowdspeaking, and it works by linking hundreds or thousands of individual social media networks to broadcast a simple message at a specified date and time.  The end result is more visibility for a cause, a gathering, a business opportunity . . . or even the launch of a new book.

orc meme 2

And that’s why I’ve set up a Thunderclap campaign for A Gathering of Ravens.  If I can gain the social media support of at least 100 people by 11:59 AM CST on 20 June 2017, then at noon the app will post a simple message across this newly-forged web of social media connections: “Beowulf meets The Lord of the Rings in this epic novel of vengeance, faith, and the power of myth!  Now available!”  And a link to either Amazon or Goodreads (probably Amazon).  That’s it.  Imagine a social media flash mob coming together to suggest a book, then everyone going their own way after a minute.

orc meme

Here’s where I make my plea: I need YOU, Gentle Readers!  Follow the link below and click all the social media links that are applicable to you — Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr.  Allow the app to connect you to me, and at noon on the 20th, it will broadcast the message to your friends, followers, and tweet-mates.  That’s it.  Well, maybe share the link on your social media beforehand, but that’s entirely up to you.

Here’s the link.  Join in, and add your voice to mine!  Let’s bring the thunder as we announce A Gathering of Ravens to the world (again)!