Well, This Is Awkward . . .

In perhaps an emblematic display of Amazon's left hand not knowing what its right hand is up to, the paperback edition of MEMNON is trapped in review while the paperback edition of MEN OF BRONZE sailed through and is now live. Yes, you can now purchase a trade paperback copy of MEN OF BRONZE from... Continue Reading →

The Return of MEMNON

My two historical novels, MEN OF BRONZE (2005) and MEMNON (2006), have been out of print and off the market since last year. Now, normally I'd start returning them to sales channels with the former, my first book. This time, I want to start with my second born. Out of my entire catalog of work,... Continue Reading →

In the Shadow of Obscurity

The struggle for any writer published these days -- whether traditional or indie -- is the simple act of getting your work recognized by readers. Writing is Art; Publishing is Business, and that business hinges on getting as many eyes-on as we possibly can. Views mean sales. Buzz means sales. A groundswell of interest means... Continue Reading →

And . . . We’re Live!

If you begged off purchasing either The White Lion or Xenia in the Court of the Winds because you were waiting for a non-Paypal option . . . well, you're in luck! Both titles are now available worldwide (as ebooks) via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple and a host of other options. AND, you... Continue Reading →

Tales for Sale!

I have a couple of stories laying around that no one save a handful of beta readers have ever read (and one that was part of a collaborative novel, a few years back). Rather than try to submit them places and harvest rejections, I've decided to throw my hat into the self-publishing ring! My goal,... Continue Reading →

Selling the Past

For most of my early writing career, the seven most pernicious words I encountered came from the same place: agents and publishers. I heard them so often I came to view them as a defense mechanism, a fight-or-flight response that just spilled from their pens/keyboards when confronted with something alien. What were those words? "I... Continue Reading →

Publishers Weekly on Twilight of the Gods

The leading industry mag, Publishers Weekly, has weighed in on Twilight of the Gods!  And while it did not garner a starred review (reserved for books of particular distinction) like A Gathering of Ravens, it is nevertheless fairly glowing in its praise: "Oden’s impressive writing successfully evokes a grand but grim atmosphere [...]. Fans of... Continue Reading →


A new month, a new chapter!  In Chapter Three, we bear witness to the meeting between our protagonist, 16-year old Dísa Dagrúnsdottir, and the Hooded One -- the immortal herald of the Tangled God, Father Loki, who watches over the Raven-Geats of Hrafnhaugr.  And, we discover the Hooded One's true identity . . .   Here's... Continue Reading →

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