Be Like Lorenzo

In times past, artists and writers had patrons.  Men (and women) of wealth and position paid good ducats to have creative souls be part of their entourages — patrons like the illustrious Lorenzo de’Medici, who bankrolled Michaelangelo and Botticelli, or Henry Wriothesley, the Earl of Southhampton, who kept William Shakespeare in the chinks.

These days, writers and artists turn to platforms like Patreon to fulfill much the same purpose.  To that end, I’ve started my own Patreon page.

In exchange for your hard-earned patronage, I offer fiction (and the occasional bit of non-fiction): from new short stories to chapters of my ongoing novels, to essays on craft and history, to glimpses of my screenplay works. And when there’s news, you will hear about it first.

Live large, my friends!  Be like a de’Medici, like an Elizabethan earl, and count a writer as part of your entourage!

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