AAAAAND . . . Done.

Finished up THE DOOM OF ODIN in the wee hours of 30 January 2023. Two years of work; two false starts. A pandemic where I was "essential" . . . and 117K words later, a book is born. I'm at the stage where I can't tell if it's a work of genius or a steaming... Continue Reading →

Christmas Eve Update

"Are you done yet?" I am not. BUT, I've written approximately 30,000 words since Nov. 29. I've finally struck upon a system of writing/composing that works for me (for now). And, the first 14 chapters are with beta readers while I put the finishing touches on the last 6. Will I hit my deadline of... Continue Reading →

In the Shadow of Obscurity

The struggle for any writer published these days -- whether traditional or indie -- is the simple act of getting your work recognized by readers. Writing is Art; Publishing is Business, and that business hinges on getting as many eyes-on as we possibly can. Views mean sales. Buzz means sales. A groundswell of interest means... Continue Reading →


With mists and gray skies, with a bitter and biting wind from the North, Orctober gives way to Norsevember -- that month where we celebrate the Northern Thing. And so, I offer to the Gods a bit of verse from A GATHERING OF RAVENS: Wild was Grimnir | when he arose,And when his snake-cunning |... Continue Reading →

A Night in the Lonesome Orctober

(With apologies to Roger Zelazny) With Orctober drawing to a close, my mind invariably returns to the things I need to finish, the things I need to begin, and the things I need to give more space for planning. Someone asked me, just the other day, if I had any idea what would happen to... Continue Reading →

And . . . We’re Live!

If you begged off purchasing either The White Lion or Xenia in the Court of the Winds because you were waiting for a non-Paypal option . . . well, you're in luck! Both titles are now available worldwide (as ebooks) via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple and a host of other options. AND, you... Continue Reading →

A Little Housekeeping

So, the Tales for Sale drive has gone very well, thus far. Well enough that I'm re-thinking some of my options for future stories -- like a series of novellas wrapping up the story-lines from The Lion of Cairo. As of 2:08 PM CST, ALL ORDERS HAVE BEEN DELIVERED. I've sent them off to the... Continue Reading →

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