And HERE’S How You Get the Demons to Work Together . . .

After yesterday’s post, which was more about mental health than it was about making art, let me show you a bit of the flip side of demon-haunted Scott.  It’s the Scott that brought Grimnir to life; the angry Scott.  The rage-born Scott. The Ezekiel 25:17 Scott . . . A short time after posting, yesterday,... Continue Reading →

The Subtle Art of Getting Out of my Own Way

We’ve all heard it said before, in one fashion or another; some iteration of “that boy is his own worst enemy!”  And we know what that idiom is referring to: that particular brand of artist/writer/what-have-you who either self-sabotages themselves into failure, or else succeeds in spite of, rather than because of, themselves. Friends, that is... Continue Reading →

The Eldritch and the Weird

My post on HBO’s Rome being the pinnacle of filmed S&S generated a bit of conversation in online spaces.  One question I had is this: what draws you, Gentle Reader, to S&S?  Is it the action?  The eldritch sorcery?  The vibe?  The world-building?  Or is it all the above?  I ask this because, while the... Continue Reading →

The Truth, Inasmuch As I Know It . . .

Maudlin over the passing of the great Ray Stevenson (who starred in a host of movies and such, but will forever be legionary Titus Pullo from HBO’s Rome, in my eyes), I got to thinking.  And thinking led me to discover a truth about myself, about my relationship with fantasy fiction in general and sword-and-sorcery... Continue Reading →

Well, This Is Awkward . . .

In perhaps an emblematic display of Amazon's left hand not knowing what its right hand is up to, the paperback edition of MEMNON is trapped in review while the paperback edition of MEN OF BRONZE sailed through and is now live. Yes, you can now purchase a trade paperback copy of MEN OF BRONZE from... Continue Reading →

The Return of MEMNON

My two historical novels, MEN OF BRONZE (2005) and MEMNON (2006), have been out of print and off the market since last year. Now, normally I'd start returning them to sales channels with the former, my first book. This time, I want to start with my second born. Out of my entire catalog of work,... Continue Reading →

Dreams and Things

You've seen The Godfather III, right? There's a scene where an aging Michael Corleone is lamenting the fact he can't seem to escape his criminal past. "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!" Yeah, I feel this. So there I am, sleeping, minding my own business, when suddenly my subconscious... Continue Reading →

Fortune Favors . . .?

I wrote these words six years ago: It hurts my heart, sometimes, when I read over the advice people give to those who aspire to write. "The pay is horrible; the odds are long. You'll more than likely die in poverty, an unheard-of artist in your rotting garret. Best to get a real job and... Continue Reading →

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