AAAAAND . . . Done.

Finished up THE DOOM OF ODIN in the wee hours of 30 January 2023. Two years of work; two false starts. A pandemic where I was “essential” . . . and 117K words later, a book is born. I’m at the stage where I can’t tell if it’s a work of genius or a steaming pile of meh. But, it’s done. And Grimnir has an ending to his saga:

Grimnir’s heavy brow furrowed. “Then, give me mail and weapons, my lord. Give me enemies and space to slaughter them. If this be the end, then let me make such an end as to shake the very bones of Yggðrasil!”

And now, after a few tweaks and edits, a quick Author’s Note and a Glossary, it’s off to my agent and my editor at St. Martin’s, and I’m off to the Hyborian Age, to wrangle the second iteration of SHEVATAS into shape (the first iteration was an origin story, but Howardian S&S ain’t got no origin stories). After that, the Mythic Edition of MEN OF BRONZE for Baen (hopefully). And that’ll be my year, perhaps.



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