Christmas Eve Update

“Are you done yet?”

I am not. BUT, I’ve written approximately 30,000 words since Nov. 29. I’ve finally struck upon a system of writing/composing that works for me (for now). And, the first 14 chapters are with beta readers while I put the finishing touches on the last 6. Will I hit my deadline of being finished by the end of the year? If not, it’ll be REALLY close.

“What is this system?”

It’s writing by scene rather than by chapter or by word/page count. Each chapter has 3-4 scenes, and I can write one or two scenes a day if they’re small, or it might take a couple of days for large, dialogue heavy scenes. I lay the scenes out in pretty much a bog-standard high school outline format: 1. 1a. 1b. 2. 2a. 2b., etc. Then, I expand that into a paragraph or two of synopsis written very informally and in present tense. Further down the page, I start writing the dialogue, also informally, with initials to tell who is speaking. And then, below that, I start writing it all out formally until I come to the end of the scene. Rinse. Repeat.

“That seems very . . . wow.”

There are a thousand roads to Rome. Sometimes, what looks totally counter-intuitive to one writer just works like a charm for another. All that matters to me is that it gets me to THE END by the end of the month.

“And what do your beta readers think?”

Still waiting to hear. No one has sent it back with a book-burning gif, yet, so that’s good.

Time to get back to the word-mines! Have a Happy Holidays, a Blessed Yule, a Decent Festivus, a Merry Christmas, a Raucous Saturnalia, or a Great Day, as befits your beliefs.


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  1. I might give this method a try for the fourth part of my pentalogy. I’m at a stage were I start to reassemble the storylines developed in previous parts, and though I have an outline, the devil is always in the details. Maybe like this I can avoid oversights and get the writing flow again without having constantly to bother about forgetting something.

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