Orctober: The Doom of Odin Update

“Where the hell is it, Scott?”

That’s a good question. Where is it? At the moment, it’s 3/4s of the way finished, with the other 1/4 in a jumble of electrons and paper. I hope to have it finished by the end of the month, but I’ve also been saying roughly the same thing since, like, April.

“So, what’s the hold-up?”

Another good question. This one, though, I don’t really have a solid answer for. I know the story inside and out; know where it goes and whose supposed to be where, and I’ve left little corners blank for exploration while drafting prose. It’s just . . . slow going. I’m having problems focusing, and a LOT of problems keeping the Real World at bay and out of my working head-space.

“Are you procrastinating?”

Most likely that’s part of the problem. I’ve always had issues with procrastination and time management. I don’t really wait around for “inspiration”, but I do drag my feet if there’s something I need to do later in the day. I’ve grown into one of those introverts who needs a few hours pre-and-post appointment to gird my loins and then recover. Since I’m working five nights a week at a subsistence job, that’s a factor.

Money is definitely an issue and a worry, as it is with millions of folks. Writers, with few exceptions, make barely a pittance, anymore. Factor in piracy and short attention spans, tons of entertainment options and a general drop in overall reading for pleasure and you get why making a living as a writer is nigh impossible, these days. So, yeah, financial insecurity and worry are a large part of what’s taking me so long.

“When you do get this book finished, when can I expect it in my hot little hands?”

As of this morning, the projected release date for The Doom of Odin is December of 2023. Provided I finish it this month. Traditional commercial publishing takes approximately 12 to 18 months from me handing it over to my editor to you being able to snag a copy at B&N. That time is spent in editorial, in production, and in marketing. Copies will be sent to places like Publisher’s Weekly for possible review. I know, it’s a long way off, but them’s the breaks.

Are you working on anything else?”

Currently, no. The Doom of Odin is my priority, now. That said, my next two projects are sitting in the wings, ready to be the center of my attention. The first is already in outline/rough draft stage — Shevatas for Titan Books. I still have some tweaking to do on the setting, to make it different from Stirling’s forthcoming Conan novel, Blood of the Serpent. I also need to excise the origin story. S&S characters don’t need no stinking origin stories . . .

The second is technically already a “rough draft”. It’s the re-write of Men of Bronze, called The Mythic Edition, for Baen Books. The idea of returning Barca to his S&S roots fills me with inexplicable joy. After that? Well, I have some ideas I’ve been kicking around with my agent. So, we’ll see what the future holds.

And that’s your Doom of Odin update. Comment if you have any questions, or if you’re a secret millionaire who’d like to become a patron of the arts . . .


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