“Shortly” Being Relative . . .

Just a quick update on Things.

I’ve pretty much had to ditch all my accustomed social media in order to make progress with The Doom of Odin. Too many easy distractions make for days lost to doom-scrolling, lolly-gagging, and general tomfoolery. So, I’ve employed an app called StayFocus’d to block all social media between 9 AM and 4 PM (including my blog). BUT, by doing this I’ve been slowly ramping up my productivity. I don’t know if I’ll be done this month, but I’ll be done much sooner than I would be without StayFocus’d.

I might have some good news, soonish, regarding my first two novels — Men of Bronze and Memnon. I’m trying to figure out a way to get them back into circulation as more than just e-books. Preferably, mass-market and audio. Got some good leads, and had some positive interactions with some good industry folks. Now, we must wait and see how that pans out . . .

Hope everyone is well. Stay hydrated. Eat your veggies. Here’s a hug if you need one. And now, back to work.

Soon. Very soon.

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