Orctober Profiles: Iðuna

Grimnir’s maternal grandmother; wife of Kjallandi, mother of Skríkja, Gífr, and Raðbolg. In the before-times, she was deemed a great beauty among the dvergar, but her beauty hid a deep well of ambition. She learned sorcery as a means to an end — a road to the power she craved. If anything, what she became after the Change only intensified her murderous aspirations.

Note: it’s nearly impossible to find images of Orc witches that AREN’T dressed like 2-dollar hookers . . .

She is the sorceress responsible for opening the Ash-Road in the wake of the Battle of Ironwood, thus allowing the remaining kaunar to flee to Miðgarðr. But, her fate in the wake of the battle is wholly unknown. She vanishes from kaunar history, legend, and lore after that. Interestingly, she is not mentioned in either A Gathering of Ravens or Twilight of the Gods. We will not meet her until The Doom of Odin.

“Standing in the open, however, was a white-haired female draped in robes of silk and silver, pale like an albino, with piercing eyes that gleamed like citrines. She leaned on a staff of carved wood.”

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