Writing Update, and an Updated Book Jacket

As of this post, writing on THE DOOM OF ODIN (St. Martin’s Press, 2022) is going amazingly well. This is the third version of the draft, with the first two being more historical fiction than fantasy (which did not scratch my itch). I’m aiming to have it finished by early July, and then it’s on to something new — most likely a novel set in Robert E. Howard’s Hyborian Age, concerning the thief, Shevatas, from “Black Colossus”.

After that? I have a few ideas, mostly fantasy or historical fantasy.

BUT, there’s also this: the updated book jacket copy for THE DOOM OF ODIN, which accurately reflects the story I’m working on. Yes, Grimnir starts the book dead, slain in a street fight in Rome, circa 1347 AD. It just gets weird from there. And so, without further ado . . .

coming 16 August 2022

SkrælingrOrcnéasFomoraig. He is Grimnir . . .

For over a century, he has tracked the dragon, Níðhöggr — the Malice-Striker — from the shores of Lake Vänern, across the Baltic Sea, through Russia, and down into the Mediterranean; he has hounded the wyrm from Old Muscovy to Messina. And finally, to the Eternal City — to Rome, itself.

And in Rome, on a cold November night in 1347 AD, on the ruined steps of Old St. Peter’s basilica, Grimnir’s saga comes crashing to an end. A crossbow bolt, loosed in terror, slays him out of hand. It is a mundane finale to a life spent hip-deep in bloodshed and slaughter, surrounded by steel and savagery and the sorcery of the Elder World.

But Death is just the beginning . . .

Now, on the grim and misty isle of Nástrond, under the shadows of Yggðrasil, Grimnir is plunged headlong into the twisted Valhalla that is the afterlife of his people. Here, bloody in-fighting, schemes and betrayals are the order of the day. Grimnir is forced to contend with a cabal of witches, with giants and trolls who have never felt the light of Miðgarðr’s moon, and with his own rapacious kin as he journeys beyond the shores of Nástrond to find answers. And with every death he suffers, in this world and the next, Grimnir unravels another thread of a monstrous secret woven at the dawn of time — one that will turn him from the pawn of unknown gods into the most powerful being in the Nine Worlds. And the most hunted.

For he, alone, holds the key to Ragnarök and the Doom of Odin . . .

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