A Gathering of Ravens

The True Face of Grimnir

A while back, I posted about the Four Faces of Grimnir — four artistic representations of what Grimnir may have looked like.  Well, this morning I stumbled across an actual photograph of my profane and savage protagonist.  It’s not a perfect likeness, but it’s got more right going for it than wrong.  Here’s how I describe him:

The flickering firelight threw Grimnir’s features in sharp relief. While it had the same construction as a human face, its planes and angles were long and sharp, vulpine in the half-light of the cave. Coarse black hair, woven with gold beads and discs of carved bone, framed eyes like splinters of red-hot iron, set deep into a craggy brow. He was broad of chest and long of arm, slouch-backed in his posture, with tattoos in cinder and woad snaking across his swarthy hide. Grimnir was clad in antiquated splendor: a sleeveless hauberk of iron rings sewn onto black leather, a kilt of poorly tanned horsehide cut from the flanks of a dappled roan, a cloak of wolf-skins, and arm-rings of gold, silver, and wrought iron. One black-nailed hand rested on the worn ivory hilt of a long seax.

And here he is in the flesh:

Grimnir 1

Obviously the hair is different, as are the eyes.  Otherwise . . . that’s him, Gentle Readers.  That’s how I see him in my mind.  In reality, it’s a prosthetic make-up job for a member of a Czech Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP) group.  But, take note Hollywood people: you want to make A Gathering of Ravens into a movie?  Forget CGI.  Hire the guy who designed this bit of SFX to design the prosthetics, and the excellent actor Stephen Ure to play Grimnir (Ure played the more memorable Orcs in LOTR).  I’d watch the hell out of that!


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