With A Gathering of Ravens out in the US and the UK, now, and the Blog Tour drawing to a close, now’s probably a good time to work on sprucing things up a bit around here.  New theme, new graphics, new content, maybe a free story or two.  I think I’ll go back to a minimal blog-primary set-up with pages for the books and a “press kit” page, perhaps with the free story pages “hidden”, like easter eggs.  Anything you’d like to see, Gentle Readers?

Also, a Twilight of the Gods update: writing has commenced!  The plan remains to have the next volume in the tales of Grimnir finished and submitted to my editor by 31 October 2017.  My goal is 1000 words a day . . .

So, if the site, here, suddenly looks different that’s just me monkeying about inside the walls.  Probably when I should be writing.


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