Amid the sturm and drang of managing international release dates for A Gathering of Ravens (the UK release is coming on the 29th), writing guest posts and working social media like a virtual carnival barker, mailing out books and also keeping some semblance of a personal life, I wrote the first words that will be the sequel to A Gathering of Ravens.  It’s called Twilight of the Gods — another standalone tale featuring Grimnir; this time, he’s in the heart of Geatland, in modern Sweden, on the shores of Lake Vänern.  An army is coming for him, and his only allies are a girl who wants to be him and a berserk shield-maiden with her own agenda.  There’s rumored to be a magic sword, a dragon, and an avatar of the Allfather, out for some payback against the world that rejected him.

It’s due on my agent’s desk by 31 October 2017.



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