A Gathering of Ravens, Self-promotion

Book Sales, a PSA

We’re two days out, D-Day minus 2, and I thought I’d drop in with a bit of a public service announcement regarding book sales.  First, a giant THANK YOU to everyone who has, or will, pre-ordered the book!  Such interest is often used as a gauge for how well the book will do (sales prognostication is akin to astrology or the reading of entrails — wrong as often as it’s right).  Second, sales for the first week after release day are critical.  CRITICAL!  So if you’re planning to buy a copy, please try to nab it in that first week.  Of course, I won’t curse at you if you wait, but to make sure my career has legs I really need to hit this out of the park.  And for that I need you, Gentle Readers.  Buy it, read it, talk about it, leave Amazon reviews for it, leave Goodreads reviews, foist it upon unsuspecting book shop patrons, that sort of thing.  Remember: Harry Potter was but a small book with a small print run until word-of-mouth spread.  You can make or break a book.  If I had my ‘druthers, I’druther A Gathering of Ravens be made . . .

So, thanks!  And with your help, maybe the Ravens will soar!


A Gathering of Ravens in the wild!


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