It is March 1 and the multi-author Crossing the Streams contest is now closed.  My little corner of the contest received 45 excellent entries, and it’s going to take me a couple of days to select my favorite AND to draw one at random.  It might take a bit longer to select the across-the-board superwinner.

Thanks to all who entered!


5 thoughts on “The Streams Have Crossed!

  1. Scott, I feel your pleasure/pain. Most of my entries resulted in really well thought out essays from my entrants, meaning I really have to weight them all seriously not just plunk a name at random. But the best thing about the contest was connecting with you guys-

  2. Thanks, David!

    Steve, as a fan of yours for some time, the pleasure was all mine! I look forward to continuing the friendships I’ve made through this contest (all thanks to that scurrilous Marmell fellow!) and hopefully learning all you guys’ writing secrets to bolster my hidden empire 😉

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