A few random thoughts for the day:

1. It’s been seven years since Men of Bronze came out; six years since Memnon . . . where does the time go?  Both continue to sell well, especially in ebook version, and Men of Bronze keeps getting it’s theatrical option renewed by an interested party.  Perhaps one day it will come to the silver screen . . .

2. To the Alabama lawmaker who wants to use the Bible to put a cap on teacher salaries: there are some children in my community who, according to the Bible, should be stoned to death for disrespecting their parents.  Will you join me in that?  Or are you just an ill-informed douchebag who needs to think before he speaks?  I vote the latter . . .

3. I’ve noticed this about myself: the closer the deadline, the more I want to play Left4Dead2 instead of work.  Avoidance?  Procrastination?  A writer craves not these things!

4. Scrivener rocks the llama’s ass!


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