It’s not easy to earn a living from writing.  If you’re as slow as I am, it can be difficult to budget and plan since you’re never assured a steady paycheck.  Royalties help, but they only come twice a year (usually) — provided you’ve earned out your advance and actually receive royalties.  The options are: write faster; get a part-time (or full-time) job; or try to find another way to earn an income with writing.  I will likely never be fast at slinging words — not in prose, at any rate — and this economy isn’t the best for finding a regular job.  So, why not find another way?

The classes I taught last year on manuscript preparation made me realize I might have something to offer up-and-coming writers, those ready to submit but who might need a hand.  A mercenary beta-reader with a few books under his belt and some experience reading slush for a literary agent.  I think it’s exactly what some writers need.

To this end, I’m starting up a service called THE EDITORIAL GOBLIN.  It’s almost ready to go live, once I figure out how to handle payments and get that page of the website assembled.  So, if you’re in the market for a fresh pair of eyes, some advice, a good critique, and maybe a nudge in the right direction, then please keep THE EDITORIAL GOBLIN in mind.

Here’s the website: THE EDITORIAL GOBLIN.


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