There remains some work to be done on the new blog.  I’m not a hundred percent happy with the navigation bar, above.  I know I should keep my bio and books up there, but I might fiddle with it — rewrite, reformat, that sort of thing, maybe add links to interviews or reviews.  As readers, what do YOU want to see?  What makes a blog functional for you?  The obvious thing is links, but is there anything else that comes to mind?

I’ll also be porting touchstone entries over from the old blog and archiving them here, maybe reworking a few of the pieces, as well.


2 thoughts on “

    1. To me, the advantage is ease of use. The dashboard is very well laid out, with all the controls I need right there in the sidebar. And I like the customization — the templates look cleaner. I’ve not tried to add a blogroll, yet, but I expect I will. As for a mass exodus to WordPress, that’s entirely up to you 😉

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